Sustainable Farming
Sustainable Farming

“Produce and distribute sustainably grown food locally and build on agricultural heritage by reversing the loss of small farms.”

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Each growing season since 2011, our youth leaders have grown local sustainably produced food and delivered this fresh produce to the doorsteps of needy families in our region. In 2012, we measured every cucumber, pepper, squash and cabbage coming out of our community garden plots and the high school high tunnel we were running during the summer. By mid-July we had grown and given away more than our group’s total body weight in produce. We did not count the watermelons as that felt like cheating.

Brax delivery

This free CSA is giving our team a chance to learn and apply new skills in areas such as vermicomposting, season extension, aquaponics  and integrated pest management as we prepare to work with our farm manager for the transformed prison site.