Our first ‘flip’ in Wagram, Scotland County will also serve Hoke and Robeson counties. Scotland is one of NC’s poorest counties with the highest unemployment (NC Rural Ctr ’14). It shares the state’s highest food insecurity rate of 27.6% vs. 14.5% US (SmartStart 3/11), while neighboring Lumberton of Robeson County is per ratio the poorest city in the nation (WBTV 10/09/2013). Additionally, recent Harvard research, ranked NC 50th in the ability to rise in socioeconomic status (Chetty, et al. 2/14/14).

This is set against terrible health outcomes with Robeson County ranking as 97th and Scotland ranking as the 98th out of 100 healthiest counties in the 2014 Robert Wood Johnson County Health Assessments. Accordingly, Robeson’s County ranked 2nd for violent crime, only surpassed by Scotland County in NC (Laurinburg Exchange 10-11-14). We need to impact health, hunger and hope.